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God’s Amazing Grace Outreach Ministries Pastor

                                             currently serves as the founder and senior pastor of God’s Amazing Grace Outreach Ministries of Tyler, Texas.  God’s Amazing Grace Outreach Ministries (GAGO) was established with the purpose of introducing some and restoring others to the Kingdom of God through a supportive and nurturing environment.  Prior to accepting this calling, she served faithfully at New Jerusalem Baptist Church in several different roles.  Her mentorship and biblical training has been under the leaderships of Rev. James E. Curtis, Rev. Gary Walker, as well as Rev. Chester Watts.  Now serving as her spiritual leader is Pastor Shirley Thomas, Pastor of the Amazing Grace Trinity Christian Fellowship.

Pastor Harmon is currently completing seminary work through East Texas Baptist University.  She also holds a Master of Science Degree from the University of Texas, a Master’s of Arts Degree from Texas A & M University as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree from Jarvis Christian College.  She has a wealth of knowledge and is well rounded and multi-gifted with experience in secondary and higher education, non-profit, and business.

Pastor Harmon is the Chairman and CEO of Harmon Speaks Ministries.  God has blessed her and her husband, Curtis, a powerful man of God, to maintain leadership roles in Harmon Speaks Ministries.  Through this ministry they have been able to travel the country sharing the Good News of the Gospel.  A powerful speaker,  God has used her to bring inspiring and heartfelt sermons like Hallelujah Anyhow; I Was Blind, But Now I See; He’s More Than Enough; and Fighting the Good Fight of Faith! Through Harmon Speaks Ministries, she also coordinates workshops retreats, and bookings for her singing group—the Harmon Singers which consists of herself,  daughters, son and husband.  

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